WE encourages dialogue, co-creation and learning on every level: individual, collective, cross-community and cross-country. During our WE journey we try to support and encourage each other, explore and collaborate together and share and compare our learnings.
On a factory level, the program has two ways to do this.

During WE Factory Visits our facilitators share their knowledge on human rights enhancement and the dialogue process with management and workers. They focus on co-creation of a desired future and work towards joined ownership of the program.

Factories learn from each other during WE Workshops, where they explore how they can improve human rights on the work floor. The joint work helps to explore a basis for action and is a great way to learn from each other.

Of course our facilitators learn together as well. They share knowledge, tools and methods within their country teams, but also with WE facilitators from other countries. During International Team Conferences (ITC’s) all facilitators meet during a one-week get-together to learn from each other and from leading experts in their field. These ITC’s - hosted by Tchibo and BOTZ – are also meant to share experiences and pick up on developments in our industry.