Tchibo would like to connect with like-minded people and organisations because we sense the WE approach can be of value for the bigger picture of facilitating human rights globally.

WE has been transformational for our supply chain operations at various levels. Firstly, it has helped us understand how we can successfully improve working conditions through dialogue with our suppliers. WE has also provided us with a learning platform to understand the impact our business has on human rights and what we need to work on internally to act responsibly. Equally important, WE has a very personal effect on everyone who becomes familiar with the program. We have experienced this in the factories where the program runs and in our own organisation. It inspires people to grow, to be courageous and to voice out needs and desires. Empowerment is the key to systemic change and WE empowers individuals and organisations.

When we started the WE Program we took a leap of faith and we feel amply rewarded: to see how the WE principles help create a better future for factories, managers and workers has made every challenge worth the journey.

To scale the program to a next level we would like to connect with other brands and organisations, because we sense that what we created on a micro-level with WE can be of value for the bigger picture of facilitating human rights globally.

Impact is best created together. We have achieved a lot, but there is still so much to do. We, as Tchibo, cannot do this alone. So if you’re interested in change, in moving forward, please take up the conversation with us!